Glossary of Slots Terms

Autoplay (Autospin): A feature that is available in most slot machines; when enabled, the software will continue to spins (according to the bet placed by the player) until there is an insufficient balance, or the option is disabled by the player.

Bonus Feature: Generally speaking, any extra feature in the slots game; may include wild/scatter symbols, bonus games, or any other special function contained in the game.

Bonus Game: A common bonus feature in many slot games; when triggered, the bonus game is an extra opportunity for a player to earn money without placing additional bets.

Free Game: A common bonus feature that awards a player with additional spins; often triggered by matching wild symbols.

Free Spin: A spin, usually at no additional cost to the player that takes place during a bonus or free game; often scores at a multiple of the original bet.

Hit: An often-used term players use to describe any win on a slots game.

Jackpot: The term used for what is won from a slots machine; often used to describe the highest payout of a given machine, though it can also refer to any other amount as well.

Loose Slots: The term used to describe a slots machine that pays out more frequently than others; often loose machines pay smaller amounts more frequently (also see Tight, and Volatility).

Max Bet: The highest possible bet that one can place on a single spin; this amount varies from machine to machine.

Multi-line: A slot machine that has a number of different matching possibilities that produce a win.

Multiplier: A common bonus feature that will increase the amount that a payline containing it will payout.

Pay Table: A table that provides a list of the different types and amounts that the slots machine will payout.

Payline: A line of symbols that will payout when they are matched along line; some examples are straight lines, diagonal lines, corners, etc…

Payout: The amount of credits or money that a machine awards a player for a win.

Payout Percentage: The percentage of a player’s bet that will be paid back in winnings on a machine; most slot games have a payout percentage of 95% or higher (95% of every bet will be paid to a winner).

Progressive: A slots jackpot that continues to grow as more bets are made; the progressive usually grows in relation to the amount of time between jackpot wins on the slots machine.

Random Number Generator (RNG): A computer program that ensures the random outcome of every spin in an slots game; RNGs are essential to maintaining a fair and random outcome to gaming.

Reel: The name of the vertical columns of symbols in a slots game; most games have a standard 3-5 reels that spin in a game.

Symbol: The term used for the different pictures, numbers, or letters that players must match correctly to earn a win.

Scatter Symbol: A special symbol that can trigger a win even when players do not have a proper line win; matching 3 or more scatter symbols in a spin usually trigger the win.

Tight Slots: The term used to describe a slots machine that pays out infrequently; often, tight machines pay out higher amounts albeit less frequently.

Tournament: A competition among a group of slots players where the aim is to achieve a total score over a set period of time.

Video Slot: Typically used to refer to a slots game that has added animation to its reels or other non-traditional features.

Volatility: The term that refers to how a slots machine will pay out. The higher the volatility, the bigger and less frequent the wins; the lower the volatility, the smaller and more frequent the wins.

Wild Symbol: A special symbol that can be used as a substitute for any other symbol in the slots game.