Slots Gaming – The Basics

Most people should be familiar with your standard slots machine – at least the kind that you can find at a land-based casino. The classic slots machine has 3 reels, or columns that will spin, and 3-5 different symbols on each reel. With a classic slots machine, your goal would be to create a vertical line along the three reels with 3 matching symbols.

When it comes to playing slots, things can be a bit more complicated. Slots have a greater number of symbols and reels, multiple paylines, various jackpots, and special bonuses. While all of this can be a bit confusing, it actually means that you have a ton of additional ways to win at slots – making it a much more profitable game to play!

Because slots can be more complex than the traditional physical slot games most people are accustomed to, has provided a short primer on the things you’ll need to know to fully understand slots gaming.


Most people are familiar with a few slots symbols – the cherry, the bar, the seven, etc… When it comes to slots gaming, there is a much larger pool of symbols that the machines use.

Most machines use symbols that represent cards – usually from 10 to Ace. Additionally, there are often additional symbols that relate specifically to the game. A game called “African Skies” will also have a lion, zebra, and other similarly-themed symbols. Likewise, the game “Rudolph’s Revenge” has a number of Christmas-themed symbols.

While the increase number of symbols means that it is statistically more difficult to achieve a traditional win, there are benefits that come along with the extra symbols.

Wild Symbols: Often times, some of the game-specific symbols will be Wilds. This means that they can actually be substituted for any other symbols on the reels.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols are used to hit a win without actually making a recognized payline! Usually getting at least 3 scatter symbols is an automatic win that is multiplied. Moreover, scatter symbols will often trigger special features.


It used to be that there was only one way of triggering a jackpot – getting a row of cherries on the maximum bet amount. Well, thanks to slots, you now have a number of different ways of achieving a jackpot!

Most slots have two random jackpots built into the regular game. These are the minor and major jackpots. Essentially, these are two jackpots of varying amount that are randomly triggered by any win. Let’s just say that again, you could win $1.00 on a spin, and the casino software can randomly award you an additional jackpot sum – for no reason!

To find out more about the different jackpots that an slot game carries, be sure to read the game details provided by the casino.

Bonus Rounds

Here’s where things can get really profitable for slots players. Bonus rounds are featured in nearly every game that you can find. While we can’t list all the different ways to trigger a bonus round (check individual games), we can tell you about all the extra real money that you can win through bonus rounds.

When a player gets to a bonus round, they are rewarded with any number of special features. Generally speaking, a bonus round will consist of a predetermined number of free spins and a multiplier. In some slots, players can win more than 100 free spins for their bonus round. Add to that the multiplier – which increased the value of every win during the bonus round – and you can see how the real money starts to add up!

Remember to consult the Game Help when selecting your slots game. Each game help lists and explains the special features and bonus rounds available in the game.


Progressives are all the rage for slots gamers. A progressive jackpot is one that will grow in size over time as people continue to play. This is because a portion of all players’ bets are added to the jackpot!

To make matters even more interesting, progressive jackpots can be linked between a number of different games, and occasionally linked between a number of different casino sites (or even across all casinos on the same software platform)!

Of course, progressives are something that sparks the interest of many slots players. However, recommends finding games that fit all of your other requirements before considering progressive slots. This is due to the fact that the odds of triggering a progressive are not as high as triggering the regular jackpot on a game.