Privacy Policy

Policy on Visitor Privacy:

The privacy rights of our visitors are of the utmost importance to use at In accordance with our belief in maintaining visitor privacy, adheres to the following privacy policy:

Information Collected by acquires only a limited amount of information about our visitors for statistical purposes only. Specifically, collects the following data:

1. Domain Name: We collect the domain name from which our visitors have accessed the internet.
2. URL: We collect the specific internet address of the website visitors have used to reach
3. Date & Time: We collect data on the date and time of visits to our sites.

Again, collects this data for statistical purposes only. By collecting such information, we are able to make improvements and tailor our site to our visitors. None of this information is used for any other purpose.

Additionally, has reserved the right to monitor and track traffic on out network. This is done strictly for security purposes – to protect against any unauthorized activity on the site.

Information Actively Provided to

Visitors to have the option of communicating directly with the site. In any case where a visitor has actively provided information to us, (e.g. email us, etc…) the use of that information is limited to the extent that requires to reply to the visitor.

Limitation on Use of All Information Received by

In any case where has collected data about visitors to our site, such information will never be sold or otherwise transferred to unaffiliated third parties without the knowledge and approval of the site visitor.