How to Win at Slots

You might be asking yourself, why does have both a “Slots Tips & Strategies” section and a “How to Win at Slots” section. Well, the answer is actually quite simple. There is one principle that is so important to successfully playing and winning at slots that we felt it was important to give it its own page.

Without further delay, here is the number one, must essential aspect to getting winning results at slots:

Always Place the Maximum Bet.

Why is this the so-called “Golden Rule” of experienced slots players? It’s fairly simple. When you fail to bet the maximum, you already limit the amount that you can win – without ever even spinning the reels!

Get this: The payouts for max bets are ALWAYS more than the min bet. Not only that, it is disproportionately larger. So, where a max bet is 5 times bigger than the min bet, the payouts on a max bet are going to be more than 5 times bigger than the min bet payout. Why would anyone ever bet less than the max? Usually it is due to inexperience.

So what do you do if you feel that you cannot make the max bet on a slots game? has the answer for you. Choose one of the following courses of action:

1. Switch from Play for Real Money to Play for Fun. Sure, you won’t be winning any real money in fun mode, but it’s a good way to practice until you have the funds to credit your account again.

2. Find a game with a lower max bet amount. Rather than miss out on the best payouts, just find a game that has a max bet amount that is within your real money budget. We’re sure that you can find a great substitute at any of the casinos listed at

So which choice is right for you? That depends on your individual circumstances. However, generally recommends the second option (find a game with a lower max bet). We believe that it is much better to keep playing for real money than to switch to fun mode. Sure, your wins might not be as large, but they will at least be real money wins.